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Kansas & Kentucky Line-up Efficiencies

Here are the most current line-up efficiencies for Kansas (14-4) & Kentucky (14-4) .

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Group Stats- Kentucky Lineup Efficiencies

Kansas Lineup Efficiencies

Updated Kansas (12-4) Lineup Effiencies

Follow the link to see the most up to date Kansas lineup efficiencies…

Group Stats- Kansas Lineup Efficiencies

Kentucky Men’s Basketball Lineup Efficiencies

Follow the link to see the line-up efficiencies for the Kentucky Men’s basketball team…Enjoy!!

Group Stats- Kentucky Lineup Efficiencies

Kansas Season Totals

Here are the line-up efficiencies for the Kansas Jayhawks thus far!

Some interesting stats to point out:

– With Joel Embiid on the court the Jayhawks are scoring 1.27 points per possession. Without him on the court only .98

– With Embiid on the court Kansas is better at all of the four factors then when he is not on the court

– Andrew Wiggins biggest impact- the defensive end. When he is on the court JHawks allow only .94 ppp. Allow 1.08 ppp when he is off the court

– Kansas’s most used 5 man lineup- Wiggins, Tharpe, Ellis, Black, Selden Jr. is only scoring .96 points per possession

Group Stats- Kansas Season Totals

Dear Coaches and Readers,

We hope you are enjoying the basketball season as much as we are. This month’s newsletter talks about a hot topic in college basketball this year, the shot clock. The shot clock has a big impact on the pace of the game as you will see in the newsletter. We also added in a little section about some teams having early season success and why.

We also would like to thank the teams who have signed up for our lineup efficiency service. Just because the season has started, it does not mean we are not taking on more teams. If your team is interested in signing up we will happily put together a mid season package for you.

Lastly, if you have any questions on the newsletter, our lineup efficiency service, or analytics in general give us a call or email at any time and we will be happy to help you out.

Group Stats Newsletter Vol. 6 (December)
(Link to newsletter)

Thank You!!

Sean Lawless and John Olita

November Newsletter

Coaches and Readers,

First, we want to wish you all a happy basketball season as the NBA is already underway and college basketball is about a week away.
Attached, our November newsletter is a two-parter. The first half talks about the increased use of statistics in today’s game and some of the ways in which they are misunderstood. The second half talks about Greg Oden and how great he truly was during his first two years in the NBA.
Lastly, I just want to remind you, as the season approaches, that we are an analytics provider, specializing in lineup efficiencies.
If you have any sort of interest in our service or analytics in general feel free to call, text, or email us.
Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you!!

October Newsletter

Coaches and Readers,
Hope all is well as we get ready to begin another basketball season. Attached is our October Newsletter. In it we dive into rebounding and how analytics allows you to measure rebounding ability in effective way. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Group Stats Newsletter Vol. 4 (October)



September Newsletter

Here is our September newsletter which talks about the impact of tempo on statistics. We hope you enjoy!

Group Stats Newsletter Vol. 3 (September)


August Newsletter

As many of you have probably seen while tuning into SportsCenter, training camp has started in the NFL, and one of the widely debated topics is the up tempo style offense being used in the NFL. We at GroupStats are always thinking basketball, so it got us wondering about tempo in our sport. So this month’s newsletter (attached) is the first of a two part series on tempo. In it we talk about some of the misnomers regarding tempo that are heard throughout the basketball world and what kind of impact tempo actually has on ability to score and defend.

We hope you enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated!
GroupStats @GroupStats

Group Stats Newsletter Vol. 2 (August)